Download white sheets, manuals, in-depth lab reports and certifications for the Viraschutz Solution.

Antibacterial certifications

A lot of testing has been carried-out to assess Viraschutz effectiveness in the most demanding scenarios. Measurement of antibacterial activity on non-porous surfaces are provided for different materials according to ISO 22196:2011 standard.

Brochure and informational documents

Get to know the Viraschutz Solution in the fast and easy way via one of our brochures and informational documents provided below.

Tutorial and videos

Find detailed tutorials and instructional videos right here or at our YouTube Channel

Lab Reports

Lab reports over the effectiveness of the Viraschutz Solution are provided both in the “sketch” form and in the extended “literature review” form. The latter provides an extremely detailed assessment of the formula and its characteristics.

White papers

Download white papers for Viraschutz Ablator, Viraschutz Halos and Viraschutz Novator.

Download white papers for all the Flow™ line devices.

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