Viraschutz provides long-lasting protection to indoor spaces no matter their size, accessibility or intended use.

Sanitizing that lasts, where others simply can’t.

Viraschutz is the revolutionary solution enabling you to provide enduring, effective protection against a broad range of threats including bacterias, mold, viruses and many pathogens.

Long lasting protection

One single Viraschutz treatment is enough to keep indoors surfaces safe from bacterias and viruses for a long period of time.

For every indoor space

No matter the size, the configuration and the furnishings, every indoor space can be made safe with Viraschutz.


Our revolutionary formula is created to be both effective and free of any poisonous or harmful chemicals. Safe for human health and for the environment.

Easy application process

Thanks to the electrostatic application the Viraschutz solution reaches even the most inaccessible corner with no effort.

Viraschutz aims to create a better, safer environment by providing long-lasting protection through a revolutionary sanitation process suited to almost every indoor space.

How does it work?

The Viraschutz Solution is a radically different approach to permanent sanitation: our patented formula of Viraschutz Halos, combined with Viraschutz Ablator and atomized with one of the convenient Flow™ Line sprayers, offers a 360-degrees long-term protection against bacterias, viruses and molds. From large, corporate offices and showrooms to small, bespoke ateliers, Viraschutz will make every surface free from threats for many months.

Viraschutz Solution

Multiple needs,
one convenient solution.

Viraschutz is the revolutionary solution enabling you to provide enduring, effective protection against a broad range of threats including bacteria, mold, viruses and many pathogens.

Customer facing businesses are now required to implement clear, stringent measures to meet public-health requirements and regulations. A broad spectrum chemical disinfection was the only effective sanitization option until today, to be repeated over and over again, more so on frequently touched surfaces like tabletops, door handles, light switches, desks, toilets, taps, TV remotes, kitchens, etc. Viraschutz revolutionizes the disinfection process, by using a proprietary mechanical biocide formula that, once applied, provides long lasting protection, while leaving no trace of poisonous chemicals.

The famous 10 minutes cleaning process

Viraschutz in action

Conventional cleaning

The space has to be cleaned conventionally before starting applying Viraschutz.

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Viraschutz ablator

The surfaces are then prepared by atomizing Viraschutz ablator which kills any microorganism.

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Viraschutz halos

Halos creates a permanent anti-bacterial coating, reaching even the most secluded corner.

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Show everyone that you care: enroll in the Viraschutz Certified program

By adopting the Viraschutz Solution you are demonstrating that you are willing to take a no-compromise approach towards public safety and health. You can now show everyone that you care by opting-in to the “Viraschutz Certified” program which gives you access to official signage to be displayed across your location.

Usage scenarios

RetailViraschutz for retail establishments and shopping malls
FoodBars, restaurants and food industries
OfficeViraschutz for offices and meeting spaces
TransportationViraschutz for the public and bespoke transportation industry
SchoolsViraschutz for Schools and Public Service

A versatile solution,
backed by hard science.

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and is under extensive testing. The Viraschutz approach is radically different in that, once applied, it creates a semi permanent non-leaching anti microbial shield, attracting bacteria to the coated surfaces. The micro spikes on the coating will puncture the bacteria cells causing their instant death. Viraschutz is so safe that treated locations are immediately accessible as soon as the sanitation process is completed.

Adopt tomorrow’s cleaning solution, starting from today.

You can start providing the benefits of the most forward thinking sanitizing solution right now, leveraging the momentum and building on a potentially unlimited customer base.