Protecting people, always

The unique solution for a 3 months lasting protection with 99.99%, residual efficacy against pathogens.
Safe for humans, safe for the environment.

Protection that lasts,
anywhere and at any time

The Viraschutz technology is the only one in the market that creates an invisible, long-lasting, antimicrobial shield on indoor surfaces. Finally, a real solution to keep places where you live, work or simply play, safe at any time.

Continuous protection

With just one fast treatment, Viraschutz provides protection against pathogens for at least 3 months, 24/7.

For every
indoor space

No matter the size, the layout and the furnishings, every indoor space can be treated with Viraschutz.

and safe

Viraschutz permanently binds to surfaces, reducing up to 98% of chemical products’ use.


One treatment every 3 months, instead of daily sanitization, means saving money while staying always protected.

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Viraschutz Certified Program

“A proof of reliability, a demonstration of care”

Viraschutz Certified Program (VCP) is a fundamental tool to communicate to your staff and customers that you care about their health. A supervisor certificates the adequate application of the Viraschutz solution and will display the VCP across your location.

Electrostatic protection

The coating attracts pathogens in the air or from contaminated sources and kill them on contact.

Suitable for every surface

Safe for porous and non-porous surfaces, including electronic devices.

Eco-friendly solution

The coating duration and the efficient application method keep spaces healthy while reducing the use of chemicals by 98%.

Full coverage

The error-proof application technology guarantees a 360° coverage and an even distribution of the solution.

Compliant products

Being ECHA and BPR compliant, the formulation can be used as safe chemical in all indoor spaces.


Viraschutz falls within the safety range for bioaccumulation. 

Backed by hard-science

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge. In collaboration with R&D centers and universities, Viraschutz developed an innovative, unique technology. The extremely high performance of the coating is demonstrated by scientific tests, conducted both in lab and in real life scenarios: 99.99% antimicrobial efficacy for at least 3 months.

Usage scenarios

RetailViraschutz for retail establishments and shopping malls
FoodBars, restaurants and food industries
Health servicesViraschutz for nursing homes and hospitals.
TransportationViraschutz for the public and bespoke transportation industry
Office and public serviceViraschutz for offices and meeting spaces

Adopt tomorrow’s cleaning solution, starting from today.

You can start providing the benefits of the most forward thinking sanitizing solution right now, leveraging the momentum and building on a potentially unlimited customer base.