How it works

Scientifically and operationally tested, the Viraschutz technology provides a continuous protection, introducing a new concept of permanent prevention.

A step beyond sanitization

“Making spaces completely free from bacteria”. This is what traditional sanitization does, but the room is soon contaminated again when someone walks in!

Viraschutz is the maker of this unique paradigm shift: an active prevention that gets the jump on the traditional remedial approach, allowing for a continuous protection.

Our formulations interact with surfaces and molecularly bind to them, generating an invisible non-lasting antimicrobial coating. The electrostatically charged coating attracts pathogens and its micro spikes physically puncture the cell’s membrane inactivating pathogens. The physical action avoids the development of bacteria’s resistance to the coating and the biofilm generation over time.

Viraschutz Solution

A fast and efficient application procedure

Our coating in the make

Step 1.
Viraschutz Ablator

An alcohol-based primer which removes any bacteria and germs, preparing surfaces for step 2.

Step 2.
Viraschutz Halos

Once primed, surfaces are ready to be coated with Halos, which generates the antimicrobial coating.

Step 3.
Viraschutz Novator

The last formulation to be sprayed is Novator, the enhancer which maximizes the antimicrobial activity and the effective life of the coating.

The Viraschutz formulations are sequentially applied through fit-for-purpose EPA tested electrostatic devices. This technology allows for:

– 360° coverage of targeted areas
– Even distribution of products
– Reach of the most hidden corners

The most efficient application procedures with no need to free up spaces and without any unwanted dispersion nor dripping.

Scientific realiability

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and went through extensive testing. Thanks to the synergic collaboration with Italian and European R&D centers and universities, Viraschutz developed an innovative solution for protecting people, any time, anywhere.

Safe for 3 months with just 1 application


A quick application for a long-lasting protection.

The application of the Viraschutz solution is fast and non-invasive. A 1000sqm space is treated in 90 minutes on average by professional, trained staff, with no need to free up spaces or move any item.


Our technology is not only efficient but also sustainable.

The Viraschutz technology reduces the use of chemical products up to 98% when compared to daily routinary procedure.


So many benefits have never been so affordable.

Viraschutz is an affordable system for permanent prevention against microbial infections at a cost substantially lower than conventional sanitization.

Experience the benefits of the most forward thinking solution for health prevention.