How it works

Our product uses a revolutionary biocide formula which is the result of years-long research and development, finally available to virtually everyone thanks to Viraschutz efforts.

A long-lasting shield for 99.99% protection.

Viraschutz revolutionizes the commonly known disinfection approach by combining an innovative, patented formulation and professional, fit for purpose sprayers.

Our 3 products, applied layer on layer on the surfaces, create a long-lasting and highly effective antimicrobial shield, which attracts bacteria and viruses. The micro-spikes of the coating will puncture pathogens’ cells causing their instant death.
Thanks to our specifically designed Flow-Line™ sprayers, we are able to evenly distribute and fully cover targeted areas, reaching even the most hidden corner, with just a few minutes effort.
The Viraschutz solution provides 99.99% continuous protection for at least 3 months.

Viraschutz Solution

The INNOVATIVE 10 minutes DISINFECTION process

The Viraschutz Process

Viraschutz Ablator

Ablator is an alcohol-based primer solution which allows for removal of any trace of bacteria and germs from surfaces.

Viraschutz Halos

Targeted areas are ready to be treated with Halos. This product creates the shield capable of protecting surfaces from microbial attacks.

Viraschutz Novator

Novator is the last product to be sprayed. Novator maximizes Halos antimicrobial efficacy and the shield effective life.

Flow Line devices

Flow-Line™ sprayers for the Viraschutz Solution

Flow-Line™ electrostatic sprayers are specifically designed to guarantee a more efficient and accurate disinfection process

The innovative technology of the Flow Air Sprayers combines the electrostatic action and the compressed air for extremely high application performance. Producing nanosized and highly electrostatically charged droplets, Flow Line Sprayers allow for an even and 360° coverage and ensure:

– 75% reduction of sprayed solution
– 45% reduction of application time

Flow Air Backpack
Battery-powered, backpack style electrostatic sprayer
Flow Air Suitcase
Battery-powered, suitcase style electrostatic sprayer
Flow Air Sprayer for Viraschutz
Flow Air Trolley
Cable-powered, trolley style electrostatic sprayer

Viraschutz in action.

Subsequently sprayed, our 3-product solution creates an antimicrobial, invisible and non-leaching shield.

Thanks to its mechanical and electrostatic action, our shield attracts threats to the treated surfaces and its microspikes puncture bacteria cells causing their instant death.
Our antimicrobial shield provides protection against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria including resistant bacteria strains and health threatening bacteria. The Viraschutz formula is also effective towards a wide range of viruses including enveloped viruses, a class of viruses comprising CoVID-19.

Safe for 3 months with just 1 application

Once applied Viraschutz protects indoor spaces 24/7 for 3 months: this means a continuous protection against bacteria and other pathogens no matter the room usage.

What are the benefits of the Viraschutz innovation?

Differentiation against competitors
Viraschutz is an innovative solution, unique on the market, therefore easily recognized and differentiating which guarantees a competitive edge to any business.

Safety and sustainability
The less frequent disinfection processes and the non-leaching capability of the shield allow a reduction in chemical usage and dispersion, making Viraschutz a completely safe solution for both people and the environment.

Stakeholders peace of mind
Viraschutz enduring protection allows complete peace of mind for customers, suppliers and employees, while reducing sick leaves.

Cost and downtimes reduction
Short application times together with the need for only 4 treatments a year reduce downtimes and optimize costs.

Viraschutz certifications

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and is under extensive testing. The Viraschutz approach is radically different in that, once applied, it creates a semi permanent non-leaching anti microbial shield, attracting bacteria and killing them instantly.

Food safe

Viraschutz is arguably the only safe solution for a total sanitation of restaurants and bars.

Viraschutz is the most powerful tool at your disposal to make sure your customers feel safe and protected. Let them know you have taken effective preventive measures to guarantee a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. Our innovative, invisible bacteria-killing barrier will not only be beneficial to the health of customers and staff alike, but it will also be a powerful tool to steal customers from your competitor!

Adopt tomorrow’s cleaning solution, starting from today.

You can start providing the benefits of the most forward thinking sanitizing solution right now, leveraging the momentum and building on a potentially unlimited customer base.