About us

Continuous research, cutting-edge technology and never ending pursuit of improvement: these are the pillars on which Viraschutz has been founded.

The Viraschutz scientific and technological undertaking

Our team is made up of professionals and scientists sharing the same concern in the excessive use of chemicals in our everyday life, but still strive to minimize the risk of illness and contamination altogether.

Although this seemed to be an impossible feat, being proficient in biology and electronics, we knew there might be a perfect compromise. Actually, coming from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life, the solution looked almost off the shelf, just needing some adjusting and fine tuning. A solution capable of providing protection for everyone and almost everywhere in an easy, safe and efficient way.

Why Viraschutz?

The problem

The continuous spread of harmful microorganisms is a current topic, worsened by the increasing resistance of bacteria to chemical disinfectants: it can easily result in contracting diseases, and economic problems, such as the increasing sick leaves that companies always have to face. Thus, the need for healthier spaces doesn’t match with the inefficient solutions available that require a periodic, or even daily disinfection process. This results not only in longer working times and abuse of harmful chemicals, but also in the lack of accuracy of the disinfection practices.

The solution

Viraschutz offers a unique solution to overcome these problems, providing a complete peace of mind at work, in public transportation, at the restaurant, ecc. At Viraschutz we aim to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses: combining effectiveness and efficiency, our innovation provides a 3 months protection with a steady antimicrobial activity of 99.99%. Thanks to its unique formula and error-proof application system, Viraschutz allows for substantially reducing chemical waste by spraying only the necessary quantity of products and with just 4 treatments a year.

Our mission is everyone’s safety.

People and the environment: that’s what we care the most.

Our revolutionary formula was created to face the constant threat of infections, conceived to be effective against bacteria and viruses without impacting environmental health.
Applied by means of our error-proof electrostatic sprayers, the Viraschutz solution reaches the targeted areas and creates an antimicrobial shield that remains attached to the surfaces. Our solution is attracted by the opposite charge of the surfaces and binds to them being non-leaching. For this reason, once applied, our solution is completely safe for human health and for the environment.

Viraschutz certifications

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and is under extensive testing. The Viraschutz approach is radically different in that, once applied, it creates an enduring non-leaching anti microbial shield, attracting bacteria and killing them instantly.

The “real-life” Viraschutz Approach

Developed for real-life, tested in real-life scenarios.

Testing, for us down to earth, concrete people, not only means lab testing but, most importantly, real life testing.

After teaming up we started in-depth trials: testing, for us down to earth, concrete people, not only means lab testing but, most importantly real life testing. We wanted to get rid of bacteria not only in an artificial environment, but where we work, where our children play, where we dine, travel, exercise or simply get together. We went on trialing and adjusting for endless months and when we were 100% sure -and certified-, we incorporated Viraschutz to make it available to everyone. Welcome to the safe world of Viraschutz.

Adopt tomorrow’s cleaning solution, starting from today.

You can start providing the benefits of the most forward thinking sanitizing solution right now, leveraging the momentum and building on a potentially unlimited customer base.