About us

We are committed to protecting people and the environment, by creating constantly safe spaces. Science and innovation are the pillars of our current and future endeavors.

The Viraschutz scientific and technological undertaking

The Viraschutz team is made up of professionals and scientists sharing the same undertaking: to minimize the risk of illness and contamination, and to challenge the abuse of chemicals in our everyday life.

We knew from our experience that such a feat could be accomplished only through an international liaise of R&D teams around the world. That’s why the innovation process was so effective in a relatively short time. Our project began in 2019, and after 3 intense years of R&D and important collaborations, we fine-tuned our innovation, a solution providing protection for everyone, at any time.

Matching needs

The most concerning problem

Continuous spread of harmful bacteria in spaces where we live, work or even where we recover: this is the concerning problem that every year results in contracting diseases, causing an extremely high cost and, most alarming, millions of deaths all over the world. Unfortunately, the outdated tools and methods used for sanitizing have never solved the problem and have never matched with the need for a true prevention.

The long-lasting, definitive solution

The Viraschutz technology revolutionizes the common sanitizing approach, by providing a continuous protection against pathogens in every indoor space. The approach is to shift from a perceived prevention of the current techniques to a true prevention of an innovative technology. Efficient and effective, the Viraschutz solution is the cutting-edge technology that reduces the use of chemicals and costs, for a complete protection and health prevention.

Our mission is everyone’s safety.

People and the environment: that’s what we care the most.

We at Viraschutz work to turn our passion for science and research into practical solutions for everyone’s everyday life. We take to the market the result of years of R&D confident that it will pave the way for a safer stay in shared environments. Viraschutz research relentlessly goes on to expand our achievements to other application fields.

Scientific realiability

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and went through extensive testing. Thanks to the synergic collaboration with Italian and European R&D centers and universities, Viraschutz created an innovative solution for protecting people, any time, anywhere.

Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody”.
-Henry Ford

What we believe in…

We are optimistic by heart, in love with the idea of being changemakers fostering a better world.

We strongly believe in the value of sharing ideas: just working synergically to create something new.

We believe in a relentless improvement, together with stakeholders, following market needs.

Sustainable actions can improve the quality of life, by creating safer environments and better workplace.

We care about authenticity and transparency.

Experience the benefits of the most forward thinking solution for health prevention.