Usage scenarios

Viraschutz is successfully applied to the most diverse scenarios, ranging from everyday business to the most complex and inaccessible spaces, no matter their size.


Get it done right now, without moving a single item: that is Viraschutz.

At Viraschutz we know how important the time factor is for retail businesses where even the tiniest downtime might result in losses, which are now harder than ever to recover. Viraschutz allows the disinfection process to be carried out quickly and without moving a single item. From boutiques to shopping malls, Viraschutz is the right solution to get the job done, right now.


No matter how large the fleet, sail safely with Viraschutz.

Public transportation is traditionally viewed as a mean of infection and contamination, and with good reason too: abundant research shows the increased diffusion of viruses and bacteria in confined and shared spaces such as buses, airplanes and trains. No matter the rides frequency, one treatment is enough to give your travelers a safe, clean and threat-free environment.

Viraschutz certifications

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and is under extensive testing. The Viraschutz introduces a revolution in the disinfection approach offering an effective and continuous anti-microbial solution.

Food service

Your best ally where food is served.

Bars, restaurants, cafeterias and any other place where food is served are traditionally difficult to disinfect effectively and dependably due to their hot/humid environment and the fast pace at which day-to-day routine is carried out. This kind of establishments are under heavy scrutiny by general public and authorities alike for their illness transmission potential. Viraschutz is safely used in the food service industry and is arguably the only viable solution for providing a fast, effective and durable disinfection to these complex environments.


Say goodbye to the fear-of-the-meeting-room: welcome Viraschutz.

Did you know that the average desktop has four-hundreds times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Company’s meeting rooms, shared offices and lounges fare even worse in terms of hygiene. These places are used day after day, by staff members and guests alike, posing serious threats of cross-contamination and spread of illnesses caused by contact transmission. With Viraschutz you can provide a long lasting defense against many of these threats, thanks to its mechanical-electrostatic protection which is safe for electronic devices too.

Schools and public service

At school, totally safe!

Places where people spend many hours a day in confined spaces are a well-known hotspot for the propagation of respiratory infections and bacterial diseases, especially in the long winter months where most of the time is spent indoors and natural ventilation is reduced at minimum. Schools fall into this category: in such places, safety is of paramount importance, especially for primary schools. The Viraschutz Solution helps school managers, principals and facility managers get their student back to school in a safe environment.

Adopt tomorrow’s cleaning solution, starting from today.

You can start providing the benefits of the most forward thinking sanitizing solution right now, leveraging the momentum and building on a potentially unlimited customer base.