Usage scenarios

The continuous protection of Viraschutz is successfully applied to the most diverse scenarios, ranging from everyday business to the most complex and inaccessible spaces.

Showing your commitment

Our attention and commitment gear toward your needs: VCP supports you and your business.

VCP has been created to give evidence on an “invisible”, yet extremely effective, action you take for your customer’s safety and your staff’s health. By keeping spaces permanently safe, you will benefit from the reduction of sick leaves and related costs; but, at the same time, you will make a difference for your business, showing your current and future clients that you care. 

You get several benefits when keeping your spaces permanently safe!


Get it done right now, without moving a single item.

At Viraschutz we know how important the time factor is for retail businesses where even the tiniest downtime might result in losses which now are harder than ever to recover. From boutiques to shopping malls, Viraschutz is the right solution to get the job done, right now.

  • Fast sanitization process, without moving a single item
  • Safe clients and healthy staff, always
  • Long-lasting protection 
  • Cost efficient


No matter how large the fleet, sail safely with Viraschutz.

Public transportation is traditionally viewed as a mean of infection and contamination, and with good reason too: abundant research shows the increased diffusion of viruses and bacteria in confined and shared spaces such as buses, airplanes, and trains.

  • Long-lasting protection, no matter the rides frequency
  • Higher level of hygiene, higher value of the offered service
  • Threats-free journeys for your customers

Food service

Your best ally where food is served.

Bars, restaurants, cafés and any other place where food is served are traditionally difficult to sanitize effectively and dependably due to their hot/humid environment and the fast pace at which day-to-day routine is carried out.

  • Higher level of hygiene at any time to avoid the risk of contamination
  • Adopting Viraschutz, clients know that they can hang out in safe outlets
  • Fast application process in complex environments
  • Long-lasting, cost-efficient protection

Offices and public service

Say goodbye to the fear-of-the-meeting-room.

Employees spend many hours a day in confined offices which are a well-known hotspot for the proliferation of respiratory infections and bacterial diseases, especially in the long winter months where most of the time is spent indoors and natural ventilation is reduced at minimum.

  • Stop the spread of illnesses that cause sick leaves, an impacting cost for your business
  • Being atomized in extremely tiny droplets, Viraschutz is safe for electronic devices, too.
  • Fast applications in furnished spaces
  • long-lasting, cost-efficient protection

Health services

Where hygiene is of paramount importance

In the healthcare sector, risks related to improper cleaning and sanitization often threatens patients’ and the employees’ health.

  • Higher level of hygiene at any time to reduce the risk of infections
  • Fast application process in busy environments
  • 99.99%, permanent, top-level protection
  • Cost efficient

Adopt tomorrow’s cleaning solution, starting from today.

You can start providing the benefits of the most forward thinking sanitizing solution right now, leveraging the momentum and building on a potentially unlimited customer base.