Viraschutz unique biocide formula is a tried and tested solution for an effective sanitation that lasts over time, certified by some of the most rigorous Universities and Laboratories in Europe.

A proven formula for a
360-degrees protection.

By using a revolutionary approach to sanitation, Viraschutz creates a semi permanent anti microbial shield, attracting threats to the coated surfaces. The micro spikes on the coating will puncture the bacteria cells causing their instant death.

Our patented formula of Viraschutz Halos, combined with Viraschutz Ablator and atomized with one of the convenient Flow™ Line sprayers, offers a 360-degrees long-term protection against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including resistant bacteria strains and health threatening bacteria. Viraschutz formula is also effective towards a wide range of viruses including enveloped viruses, a class of viruses comprising CoVID-19. Viraschutz is applied on a wide range of porous and non-porous materials, including i.e. glass, polymers, wood, varnished materials, paper, plastics, ceramics, several types of fabric, natural or nitrile rubber latex, micro/nanoparticles.

The Viraschutz Solution explained by Viraschutz Chief Scientist prof. Phd Roberta Censi

Viraschutz against Viruses

A ten minute process for a result lasting months, delivered where you need it, when you need it.

Viraschutz Halos belongs to the class of QACs (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) that are proven to significantly decrease the viral load for disinfection procedures against COVID-19 as both contain relatively similar phospholipid bilayers. At the same time, it is a natural and readily biodegradable compound. It falls within the safety range for bioaccumulation. It shows no cytotoxicity, no mutagenicity and teratogenicity. Once applied, it’s considered a safe compound for human health and for the environment. The Viraschutz formula, coupled with our patented application process, also contributes to enhance the hydrophobic and water repellent characteristics of the treated surface.

Safety first

Safety comes first at Viraschutz, that’s why we created our revolutionary formula to be both effective and free of any harmful chemicals.

Conventional antibacterials may become quickly ineffective as germs can easily build up a resistance to them, posing a constant threat of infections.
It’s time to move on to something more effective and completely safe for your family. Viraschutz contains no harmful chemicals and it protects your household 24/7.

Viraschutz certifications

Viraschutz is backed by a broad scientific research and knowledge and is under extensive testing. The Viraschutz approach is radically different in that, once applied, it creates a semi permanent non-leaching anti microbial shield, attracting bacteria and killing them instantly.

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