Find answer to the most common questions regarding the Viraschutz Solution, the application process and the technology involved.

What does “electrostatic protection” means?

The term “Electrostatic Protection” refers to the anti-microbic action of the Viraschutz Formula, which attracts germs and pathogens to the surfaces of the treated environments, killing them instantly thanks to Halos micro-spikes.

The Viraschutz Formula is based on a positively charged molecule which naturally attracts the negatively charged pathogens.

Why is Viraschutz applied via electrostatic spraying?

Applying Viraschutz with one of the Flow™-Line electrostatic sprayers allows for overcoming the main disadvantages of traditional application methods, such as spray pumps and spray cans. These methods would not provide a 360-degrees, all-round coverage of the surface and would increase the risk of puddles build-up due to the uneven distribution of the solution.

Thanks to this technique, electrostatic charges are transferred to Viraschutz Halos™ and Ablator solutions which are in turn dispersed in minuscule droplets, reaching even the most inaccessible corners.

How does Viraschutz attaches to treated surfaces?

The silane-part of Viraschutz Halos™ molecules is highly reactive towards functional groups present in the most common materials, such as plastic polymers, wood and metals. This molecule permanently bonds with these surfaces via an hydrolysis-condensation reaction.

What tests have been done to ensure Viraschutz effectiveness?

We have been testing Viraschutz effectiveness over an array of real-life surfaces and materials exposed to bacteria and pathogens: Viraschutz has proven to be extremely effective, reducing the microbic charge by 95% to over 99%.

Reports of these tests can be found in the download section.

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