Back to full occupancy in cultural places. Science and institutions together for the recovery we all need

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The sense of awe entering the full movie theater made me give some thought to what surprises me more now than before. Months of restrictions, difficult to cope with, and now we can’t avoid thinking “there’s no one wearing a mask” while watching a movie, just as if on the screen a parallel world was shown, or going to the cinema and sitting just next to a stranger. For months we’ve been not bothered at all about booking tickets for the cinema, glad not to find anyone in the next seat. We started seeing the silver lining of restrictions, getting used to a new way of living. One that if it was shown in a movie years ago we would have seen with awe. 

Now, since 11th October full occupancy is allowed in cinemas and theaters. “A breath of fresh air -said Minister Gelmini- for the country and for many businesses”. A step towards an old normality we probably have forgotten. An optimistic step of the Italian government, which raised the 80 % occupancy  suggested by the Scientific Committee for indoors spaces. 

Such optimism tells us that probably, and finally, it’s really time to look forward without feeling trapped by the fears of this period of pandemic. To do this, though, we understandably need reassurance and not only institutions but also research play a key role. Get back to normal, indeed, goes through the vaccination campaign with over 86 million doses administered. It is likewise true that “cleaning, together with vaccines, is what contributes more to reduce and prevent diseases”. This is what was asserted by Walter Ricciardi, full professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine and Minister of Health’s Scientific Advisor. Ricciardi encouraged us to remember that only pox was eradicated by vaccine, the only way to fight diseases is hygiene. For these reasons, going back to normality involves maintaining the focus on cleaning and disinfection measures, relying on science in order to be both effective and environmentally friendly.

We at Viraschutz are committed to research and development since before the pandemic to make it possible to live and work in safe spaces. Even though we react with awe in front of the changes of this period, we feel optimistic and comfortable about the future. 24/7 protected environments  seemed an impossible feat but now our innovative solution is on the market and we’re confident that it is an important ally for the recovery we all need.

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Angela has a background in Marketing and International Communication for Business and recently joined Viraschutz to fill up the role of Demand Generation Manager.

She is keen on storytelling and fascinated about science. What she likes the most of her job, is writing articles covering authentic scientific communication with the purpose to make it available to everyone. Most often these writings are four-handed with our Chief Scientist, Prof. Roberta Censi. Angela loves reading and writing, being a watchful eye on our everchanging world, because what surrounds us is what drives the research at Viraschutz.

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