Sanitization as a standard practice for prevention from workplace diseases.

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INAIL publishes guidelines for standardized and safe cleaning and sanitizing processes in the civil sector.

In this important release in collaboration with COMFI, INAIL explains why sanitization is a standard procedure for the protection and well-being of employees, being a real preventive measure, as civil environments are vehicles for the transmission of bacteria that can result in widespread diseases.

Thus, the purpose of the publication is to raise awareness on the importance of meticulous cleaning and sanitation processes in the civil sector, and to push employers to adopt such measures and so to reduce infectious diseases.

These guidelines highlight to companies the tools, equipment, products, procedures and innovative approaches necessary to keep workplaces healthy. In this context, INAIL’s work also identifies antimicrobial coatings as a tool for prevention from infectious diseases. And not only so. INAIL recognizes the importance of implementing the most efficient cleaning and sanitizing procedures in order to reduce downtimes in the business activities.

Viraschutz endorses the work of INAIL and fits right in to prevent the spread of infectious diseases due to its long-term effectiveness and greater efficiency than current sanitization procedures. Viraschutz supports companies committed to protecting their employees and customers/guests, and offers an innovative, 3-months protection solution, while reducing the frequency of interventions and the related costs.

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