From inception to reality: welcome to the safe world of Viraschutz!

How it all began

Reducing both the excessive use of chemicals and the risk of illness and contamination: how to pursue both goals? This was our biggest concern!
We were perfectly aware that the market was already offering long-lasting antimicrobial solutions mostly employed in clinical environments. Very expensive and leaching, these solutions are in fact not suitable for every indoor space. Moreover, the treated areas are inaccessible for a long time. Therefore, we made every effort to find a solution capable of providing protection for everyone and almost everywhere in an easy, safe and efficient way.

We have to admit that at the beginning it seemed to be an impossible feat but we continued to strive for a solution. Our team is made up of few but motivated professionals and scientists coming from diverse backgrounds and sharing the same attention for human health and the environment. Being proficient on biology and electronics, we were confident we could find a perfect compromise.

Our solution needed a fine tuning

The research team identified a molecule that could meet our needs. This molecule is an organofunctional silane, composed by a silane moiety, a silicon derivative that remains permanently attached to surfaces, and a quaternary ammonium moiety, responsible for the antimicrobial action.

Deep research and repeated tests have been fundamental for us to create the perfect compound for an innovative antimicrobial protection of the surfaces. Our project is headed by Prof. Roberta Censi (Senior Assistant professor at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Camerino), who together with her team of scientists, were an integral part of the Viraschutz formulation’s success. They went on testing the formula for endless months.
Moreover, considering that our solution is non-leaching, we began by taking a closer look at the best application method in order to guarantee the perfect coverage of treated surfaces: electrostatic technology turned out to be the perfect one.
Got to this stage, the team started testing the Viraschutz formula over an array of real-life surfaces to ensure its enduring effectiveness. As we wanted to make sure that the formulation would be highly effective on any surface and for a extended period, our research team developed a cross-linker for a uniform covalent spread.

“First, we selected different surfaces, such as natural stones, metal and composite materials, laminated wood for example. We applied the Viraschutz solution on the samples by means of the electrostatic spray devices and then we tested the antibacterial activity of these surfaces against two strains of microbes: Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.
We stated the reduction of microbial load of 99,99 percent over a 3 month period” .

Learn more in the interview with Roberta Censi

A brilliant combination

We went on trialing and adjusting for endless months and when we were 100% sure -and certified-, we incorporated Viraschutz to make it available to everyone.

In April 2021, indeed, our efforts have finally paid off. We reached the perfect match: a solution which is not just a different chemical, but it’s a brilliant combination of a non toxic, electrostatic permanent shield and a revolutionary spraying tool that reaches even the most hidden spot.
How does the Viraschutz shield act? It consists of an invisible coating that attracts nearly all kinds of microorganisms, punctures, and disrupts their membrane, inactivating them.

Our chemicals have been named after Latin terms. The term “ablātor” means “one who removes” (proceeding from ablātĭo, “removal), and actually our primer allows for mechanical removal of germs and bacteria. Similarly, the term “hălōs” means “halo”, indeed our revolutionary formula is a protectant that creates a covalent antimicrobial coating. Likewise the term “nŏvātŏr” which means “one who renews” refers to the capability of our third product to maximize the coating life.

Moreover, our team managed to reach the cutting-edge electrospraying technology. Flow LineTM  top performing electrosprayers perfectly fulfill our needs: they guarantee a perfect coverage and minimize the waste of product, proving to be the best electrostatic devices among many others. 

What are Viraschutz main benefits

  • every indoor space can be made safe 
  • the non-leaching antimicrobial (100% transparent) shield remains permanently attached to the surfaces
  • the electrostatic atomization allows an easy application of the solution that reaches even the most inaccessible corners 
  • the formulation is totally free of any harmful chemicals and readily biodegradable.

Conscious of operating in a continuously evolving environment, in which numerous weak solutions are offered, we constantly pursue improvement to be sure of providing peace of mind against microorganisms round the clock.
Our inception, that seemed an impossible feat, finally has turned into reality: a more effective and safe compound for human health and for the planet.

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Angela has a background in Marketing and International Communication for Business and recently joined Viraschutz to fill up the role of Demand Generation Manager.

She is keen on storytelling and fascinated about science. What she likes the most of her job, is writing articles covering authentic scientific communication with the purpose to make it available to everyone. Most often these writings are four-handed with our Chief Scientist, Prof. Roberta Censi. Angela loves reading and writing, being a watchful eye on our everchanging world, because what surrounds us is what drives the research at Viraschutz.

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