Back to school safely

After a long period of uncertainty we are trying to get back to normal, starting from schools. But going back to school in an ongoing pandemic surely doesn’t feel very “normal”. 

What is sure is that things will not be the same and we’re getting used to new practices and ways of living. Children and kids are surely thrilled to be back again with peers but it’s hard to face a new normality. We believe in schools at all levels being a fundamental part of a society and we’re confident that day by day and step by step young people will adjust and enjoy living in these environments again. 

Something we can’t get used to, though, is the fear of contamination. In this sense, different practices have been implemented since the beginning of the pandemic and related issues arised. A huge amount of chemical disinfectants have been used in public spaces and now this happens over again in schools. From toddlers to teenagers going to school means being exposed to chemicals. 

The fact is that despite social distancing and vaccination measures, cleaning and disinfection practices remain core strategies to control the spread of illnesses and make safer environments in the rooms they live in for hours every day. The real issue, though, is not disinfection itself but the methods they use. Traditional practices, involving the use of contact agents such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, lose their effectiveness right after dried. School environments should likely be cleaned and disinfected at least daily, better if in the morning, between classes, when objects and surfaces are shared, and after the students leave for the day. 

Residual leaching traces left behind on desks and other surfaces, when in huge quantities, could determine health risks. Not only is this dangerous for human health but its environmental impact is enormous. 

Since children and the planet represent our future, we must take care of them and we at Viraschutz have been going on trial and adjusting for 3 years aiming at this. 

Our mission is everyone’s safety, we wanted to reduce chemical abuse but still fighting the spread of pathogens. Years of research allowed us to formulate a solution which not only keeps spaces disinfected 24 hours a day for 3 months but thanks to its ability to remain attached to surfaces, it is actually impossible to be inhaled or absorbed from percutaneous absorption from people. Being non leaching, our formulation doesn’t spread into the environment and sprayed through electrostatic error-proof sprayers we need 75% less chemical product to disinfect a room. 

Not many times a day or a week but 4 times a year to keep classrooms free of microorganisms. Children will be free to live in these spaces with lightheartedness and parents will not be concerned about fear of contamination or fear of chemicals.
We now are proud to make available a compelling solution able to preserve people’s health and the environment and even save money. 

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Angela has a background in Marketing and International Communication for Business and recently joined Viraschutz to fill up the role of Demand Generation Manager.

She is keen on storytelling and fascinated about science. What she likes the most of her job, is writing articles covering authentic scientific communication with the purpose to make it available to everyone. Most often these writings are four-handed with our Chief Scientist, Prof. Roberta Censi. Angela loves reading and writing, being a watchful eye on our everchanging world, because what surrounds us is what drives the research at Viraschutz.

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